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Keeping Secrets. Dennis Farrell says "Hell Yes!".

Is there a 5th Column in the U.S.? Jack Wilson explains, "Yes it's here in a big way!".

What is a grifter? Mark Moore says "You're looking at him."

Is there a God? Jerry Mahoney say he has the answer. "It's 50 50."

The real "Counter Culture" real life experience with Jerry Mahoney

Yes, Climate Change is Real.

Climate change is real and listening to someone say it is not is oxymoronic. Will that statement insult someone? Maybe. Anyone who has ever looked at a terrarium or if you have seen pictures of our planet sitting in the blackness of space should grasp the concept.

Anything we produce on this planet is not going anywhere unless it is placed in a rocket and sent to wherever. We live in a biosphere and the narrow zone of our existence is fragile, very fragile. The most harmful factor to the biosphere that affects all of us is pollution. And it is the one thing we can control. The planet is warming. Just like a terrarium. 

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